Route Description: 11 FedEx Ground, 2 P&D Spots, 2 Dedicated & 5 Unassigned Line Haul Runs
Route Location: Memphis, TN (Shelby County)

Asking Price: 
$1 995 00.00

Gross Income: $3 873 667.00
Cash Flow: $663 909.00
# of Ground Routes: 11
# of Dedicated LH Runs: 2
# of Unassigned LH Runs: ​5
​Equipment Value: $144 000.00
# of Employees: 25
​Reason for Selling: Relocating

Additional Info:
2 P&D Daycab Tractors Spots
12 Ground Vehicles inclusive - Free & Clear

Buy FedEx Routes:

N.C.B.I. works with FedEx contractors all across the country and has a phenomenal track record in the industry. Each of our clients has final approval for the information contained in our marketing campaigns. Buyers wishing to obtain additional information about any of these opportunities are required to sign a client-approved Confidentiality Agreement and pass our financial pre-qualification process. Below is a list of our current opportunities to buy a FedEx route. For additional information on these opportunities, or to request a confidentiality agreement, please contact us or download the form from our downloads page.

Buying FedEx Routes?

We know it's often difficult to figure out which routes to acquire. What are the differences between Ground, Home or Line Haul? City verses rural routes. How to properly value routes. How does the FedEx Independent Contractor model work? At Courier Brokers and Insurance Services, we can answer those questions and help you navigate through all of the acquisition phases from the offer to the closing and final transfer of the routes.

Route Description: 7 Profitable Home FedEx Routes
Route Location: Fairfield, CA (Solano County)

Asking Price:
 $725 000.00

Gross Income: $828 880.00
Cash Flow: $250 963.00
# of Ground Routes: 7
Equipment Value: $90 000.00
# of Employees: 7 Full Time, 2 Part Time
​Reason for Selling: Partially Retiring

Additional Info:
Owner was awarded as Entrepreneur of the Year by FedEx.​
7 Vehicles inclusive:

  • 5 Ground Vehicles - Free & Clear
  • 2 Ground Vehicles - Lease can be assumed by buyer

Staff is well trained.
ISP compliant
Owner will stay on as driver/operations manager.


Route Description: 11 Highly Profitable FedEx Home and Ground Routes
​Route Location: Zelienople, PA (Butler County)

Asking Price: 
$975 000.00

Gross Income: $1 889 985.00
Cash Flow: $369 910.00
# of Ground Routes: 11
Equipment Value: $110 000.00
# of Employees: 24
​Reason for Selling: Owner is downsizing and wants to operate his Ground and Home routes at his another terminal.

Year Established: 1996

Additional Info:
25 Vehicles inclusive:

  • 5 Vehicles - Free & Clear
  • 20 Vehicles - 2017 Lease can be assumed by buyer

​3 Year ISP Agreement in place
Staff is well trained.
The operation has been streamlined and has cost saving methods in

place which makes these routes highly desirable to own and operate.

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