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Are you Selling FedEx Routes?

Clients of National Courier Brokers Inc. benefit from a very detailed and tailored process designed to value, market and sell their FedEx Ground, Home Delivery or Line Haul routes. N.C.B.I. has an exceptional track record in FedEx Brokerage and a highly professional team that has years of experience dealing with countless FedEx contractors all across the country which enables us to do the following:

  • Accurately value your routes
  • Provide a large pool of qualified buyers
  • Effectively negotiate the terms of the transaction
  • Help a new buyer through the FedEx process of becoming an approved Independent Contractor
  • Successfully closing the transaction​

Please click the Resource Page link below to be redirected to the N.C.B.I. resources page where you can download relevant documentation in order to further your knowledge about the sales process as well as to download necessary forms which would need to be completed and forwarded on to

If you are interested in purchasing a FedEx Route please go to our Buy FedEx Routes page or click on the link below.