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National Courier Brokers Inc.

Consultancy Services:

​​As a former owner of FedEx Ground and Home Delivery Routes, I, as well as my experienced team understand what concerns you may have as a new contractor.
We also understand that current owners anticipating the sale of their route/s, may be asking themsleves very common questions such as, what is required of me being the owner or of my corporation in order to list routes for sale and get them seen by prospective buyers.

As a consultant for FedEx route buyers and sellers, we are more than capable to assist you in numerous ways and provide you with expert advise and guidance.
As a Buyer of routes, we can further your knowledge and educate you on the overall process for becoming a FedEx route owner, from start to end.

Our consulting services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Choosing the types of routes which are more beneficial to you
  • The difference between Ground, Home Delivery and Line Haul routes
  • Evaluating the routes
  • Evaluating the Sellers Operation
  • Evaluating a Profit and Loss Statement
  • Understanding the operational requirements of being an owner
  • Understanding the difference between an IC or ISP agreements
  • The process of becoming a new contractor with FedEx
  • Corporate requirements
  • Setting up your bookkeeping and chart of accounts
  • Process of transferring Routes
  • Structuring an agreement
  • Understanding the difference between a stock sale verse an asset sale
  • Understanding the terms AO (authorized officer) and BC (business contact)


  • Preparing a Due Diligence package for listing your routes
  • Gathering of financial data
  • Normalized Profit and Loss statements
  • Pricing your routes
  • Vehicle and driver information
  • Lease verse owning equipment
  • Purchase and sale agreements – LOI’s
  • The use of Escrow accounts and Escrow agencies